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We specialize in fair trade organic coffee and espresso, fresh smoothies, teas, naturally flavored lemonades, refreshing Hawaiian Shave Ice treats and Ice cream . We also carry light snacks, premium chocolates, sweet gift baskets and a great Breakfast and Lunch Menu.

We deliver, we have take out, and you can call to pre- order and pay. 

Vintage Designs

Roasted in the Italian espresso tradition, our Espresso Organico blend consists of 4 different single origin coffees. One is a Fair Trade Certified™ organically grown coffee from Central America. We combine this with an organically grown African and 2 diverse organically grown South American beans to create this complex and yes, knock your socks off espresso. The rich, thick, crema is second to none.

The world's foremost coffee testing expert, Kenneth Davids of CoffeeReview.com gave our Espresso Organico one of the highest ratings ever recorded for a 100% organically espresso.

Ken comments: The body is medium to full, the finish simple and rich with a slight astringent edge. The blend exerted a powerful though heavy dark-chocolate presence in short milk, but with more latte-like quantities of milk it bloomed with great sweetness and vivacity. Powerful but elegant in long milk drinks


Natural Decaf Coffee. 
Our hand-selected beans are gently decaffeinated using mountain water processing, rather than chemical decafs. This Natural Sumatran Mandheling Decaf. Mountain Water Process allows the Sumatran coffee to capture the wild jungle essence of this tropical Indonesian island, and creates an earthy, deep, complex, full-bodied coffee that exhibits low-acidity smoothness. Quality is in the cup.

High Performance

This is no snow cone! Unlike snow cones which are formed by crushed ice, our refreshing Hawaiian Shave Ice is made by shaving off a block of purified ice; resulting in a finer texture, creating a snow-like appearance. This allows for our premium grade syrups and flavors to be absorbed by the ice, not just surrounding it like a typical snow cone. The perfect way to escape the Texas heat and treat you and your loved once to a cool, sweet bite of deliciousness! 


Come let our hand-blended smoothies freeze your stress for a while. Free from artificial flavors, colors, and those nasty preservatives, we only use the good stuff in our refreshing smoothies! Sip on one of our delectable flavors: strawberry banana, mango, wildberry, peach, and of course, piña colada!